Access Control Box replaced by Intelligent Control Box

- Nov 16, 2017 -

At present, the outdoor equipment box is assembled by purchasing many scattered products, such as optical network transmission equipment, switchboard, lightning protection device, power supply and so on. Although it can realize the basic functions such as device access, data exchange, network transmission and lightning protection, there are also problems: The status of devices is unknownthe failure of equipment is found laggedthe operation and maintenance work is difficult to assess and so on.But our Intelligent Control Box is very different.


There are a large number of equipment in public security, transportation and other large-scale fields and they are widely distributed. Once there is any failure, it can only be dealt with passively and relied on manual inspectionWith low efficiency and heavy workload, it will definitely cause the result of delayed fault handling and high costs maintenance, and even many systems are performed practically no function.

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The remote network management function of intelligent monitoring box is unique, which perfectly solved the maintenance problems of patchwork control box and its system and greatly reduced the maintenance costs.

When the box is in the conditions of power outage, network broken, equipment failure and illegal opening of the door, it will automatically alarm and send information to the maintenance personnel, such as the type of fault, the time of failure, the location of the fault equipment etc. The maintenance personnel can use the alarm information to navigate to the location of the fault equipment in order to deal with the trouble in time, recover the normal operation of the system quickly, which realized the complete closed-loop of the fault handling.

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