Actively build a forest fire safety barrier

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Actively build a forest fire safety barrier

With the advent of winter, the climate is dry, withered vegetation, fireworks, graves and graves sweeping activities such as a sharp increase in the level of fire was significantly increased, the forest fire prevention work is facing severe challenges, in order to effectively do a good job in forest fire prevention, Linyi Port fully implemented The responsibility system for forest fire prevention has firmly established the concept of "keeping the forest responsible, keeping the forest responsible and keeping the forest responsible" from top to bottom, earnestly making the forest fire safety a long-sounded alarm and always doing our best to reduce the occurrence of a fire accident. Some people do mountain management, forest protection, fire flapping, responsible person responsible for the area of economic and social development to provide reliable fire safety and security.


Pressure layers conductive weaving "fire liability network"


"Strong and powerful leadership of the organization is the key and guarantee for the effective implementation of forest fire prevention work." When it comes to forest fire prevention, Zhang Tao, director of the district forestry bureau office, first mentioned this point.


Provisional implementation of Linyi Lin Gang responsibility system for forest fire prevention, the implementation of the leading cadres package piece of envelope, cadres and cadres of the district organs directly under the leadership of the village cadres Baoshan Village responsibility system, the main leaders in charge, in charge of specific leaders, grass-roots cadres by the catch. The grid management will be implemented to further clarify the three levels of fire prevention and fire prevention in towns, villages and rangers. All forest lands will be divided into 1,100 forest classes, and the responsibility for fire prevention will be decomposed into each unit and every responsible person. Formulate Implementation Opinions on Implementing Responsibility System of Baotou (Hill Head) Member of Forest Membership (District Direct), Signing Responsibility Lists for Forest Guard and Management with 82 Rangers, Overall responsibility for forest fire prevention work, compaction fire prevention responsibility.


In each of the 30 key fire prevention villages in the district, 20 emergency fire fighting teams were set up in each village. In the key forest areas, there were 13 shelterhouses. Various kinds of fire-fighting tools were stored in the shelter houses. Patrolling on duty daily by the rangers was found and found The first time the fire fighting, to ensure that "early detection, quick response, pull out, can be extinguished," the fire safety goals.


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