Advanced PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal Cameras

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Advanced PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal Cameras


Our medium and long range PTZ and PT Pan Tilt infrared surveillance systems incorporate Dual & Multi-sensor daytime CCTV and HD thermal imaging cameras to give you the ultimate in security performance at any time of day or night, in virtually any conditions. Our Military grade IP68+ system have incredible detection capabilities of over 55 Kilometers, Optional SWIR, Color Night Vision, Laser Range Finders, IR Infrared Laser Pointers, illuminators and designators are available to round out the perfect PTZ imaging system. Our long range PTZ IR thermal imaging cameras with fully user programmable interfaces (our units respond to standard PELCO-D commands & any universal protocols) to incorporate pre-configured scan patterns into a daily regimen, as well as easy to use joystick controls for on the fly observations. We offer the absolute best stabilized rugged PTZ that will withstand any harsh environments. Contact us with your custom requirements, we offer the best long range ptz solutions.

Product specifications

Camera movement

Thermal Imager

Sensor Type : 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS

Pixels : 384 × 288

Effective pixels : 2 million pixels

Camera : 75mm

Video Output: network coding output

Field frequency : 50Hz

Lens focal length : 8-250mm, 32 x optical zoom

Wavelength range: 8 ~ 14μm

Aperture value : F1.6 ~ 6.1

Heat alarm: support, built-in equipment

Day and night mode : ICR filter chip

Resolution: 704 × 576

Electronic through fog : support

Video Output: network coding output


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