Agricultural intelligent monitoring system for safe city

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Agricultural Greenhouse intelligent monitoring system

一.Demand analysis

In recent years, greenhouse cultivation has brought great convenience to improve people's living standards and has been rapidly promoted and applied. Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity and carbon dioxide concentration in planting environment,which have a great impact on the production of crops, and the traditional manual control method can hardly meet the requirements of scientific and reasonable planting.

Therefore, it is necessary to start from the growth of plants.In order to establish a good smart greenhouse control system and provide the best environmental conditions for different growth periods of crops. Using electronic technology, biotechnology, computer control technology for the greenhouse greenhouse.The system can not only provide technical assistance and real-time guidance to users who do not understand agricultural technology, but also automatically generate a reasonable control scheme and combine the support of agricultural expert systems to realize intelligent management of man-made climate.  


二.Agricultural Greenhouse intelligent monitoring solutions

1. Composition introduction

To achieve the appropriate range of plant growth, intelligent greenhouse control system by measuring temperature and humidity of air and soil, carbon dioxide concentration, oxygen concentration, light intensity and other agricultural environment-related parameters in greenhouse.Through intelligent analysis and calculation, combined with plant growth requirements, automatic control of the window, roll film, fan wet curtain, biological fill light, irrigation and fertilization and other environmental control equipment, automatic regulation of the greenhouse environment.

2. Growth environment monitoring and early warning

Achieved real-time information automatically collected and controlled. The sensors, information collecting equipment, network transmission system and power supply system can be used to monitor the relevant parameters of essential elements for plant production such as soil, air and light. According to the demand of planting crops,to provide early warning information for the agricultural production.

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