Burglar alarm section

- Apr 25, 2017 -

In the important entrance, the stairs to install the active infrared probe, armed, in the monitoring center duty room (monitoring room) to install the alarm host, once someone somewhere into the probe that is automatically induced, trigger the alarm, the host shows the alarm site, The corresponding searchlight and the camera, and automatically switch to the alarm screen on the host, the alarm center to monitor the use of computer pop-up electronic map and alarm records, prompting on duty, greatly enhanced the security efforts. The alarm prevention system uses the active infrared mobile detector to control the important channel and connect it to the alarm center of the management center. When the person enters the non-normal entry during non-working hours, the detector will immediately send the alarm signal to the management Center, and start the linkage device and equipment, the intruder to warn, you can carry out continuous video and video. In the construction of the external installation of electronic fence, electronic fence is the most advanced perimeter burglar alarm system, which consists of high-voltage electronic pulse host and front-end detection fence. High-voltage electronic pulse host is to generate and receive high-voltage pulse signal, and in the front-end detection fence in the net, short circuit, open circuit can produce alarm signal, and the intrusion signal sent to the security alarm center; front detection fence by the rod and metal wire The composition of the tangible perimeter of the component. The electronic fence is a kind of active intrusion defense fence, counterattack against intrusion attempts, repel intruders, delay the invasion time, and does not threaten human life, and send the intrusion signal to the security department monitoring equipment to ensure that the management To keep abreast of the alarm area of the situation, the rapid processing.

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