Cheap Aluminum CCTV Security Camera Nightvision/Waterproof Housing

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Cheap Aluminum CCTV Security Camera Nightvision/Waterproof Housing



Outdoor protective cover main features sun, rain, dust, frost,anti-condensation. Therefore, outdoor protective cover is generally equipped with temperature relays, the fan is automatically turned on when the temperature is high, and automatically heated when the temperature is low.Cheap Aluminum CCTV Security Camera housing can vary depending on the site of use such as sunshades, built-in fans, heaters / defrosters, wipers, cleaners and other ancillary equipment.

Cheap Aluminum CCTV Security Camera housing manufactured by Xiuge-tech,which is widely used in forest fire prevention, safe city, intelligent transportation (highway, railway, port, pier, airport etc), water conservancy, maritime, fishery, electricity, environmental protection, petrifaction, border coastal defense and other important monitoring fields.  

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