City Island Transportation Study

- Dec 05, 2017 -

City Island Transportation Study


City Island is an important area for seafood restaurants and marina terminals for entertainment and entertainment. City Island has about 5,000 low-density residential units. The main street, City Island Avenue, from City Island Bridge to the southern Belden Point. This main street has a moving lane and a parking lane with a striped "train lane" (center lane) in each direction. In summer, many tourists gather on the island to enjoy seafood restaurants and marina. This resulted in serious traffic jams due to the limited access and parking spaces.


The study area is located in the northern / central Queens of the Bronx between the eastern and southern Bronx, between the East Bay and Long Island, the Westchester / Bronx County junction to the north, East Bay in the South, East Hutchinson Parkway / New to the Bay England Highway to the west. The study area includes the entire city island, Orchard Beach and parts of northern Pelham Bay Park. The 230-acre island is about one-half mile and a half-mile wide at its widest point and connected to the mainland of the Rhode Island through the City Island Avenue Causeway.

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