Explosion - proof head structure description

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The company produced explosion-proof head in the structural design, we fully consider the strength from the shell and the composition of the shell parts of the explosion-proof joint surface clearance, length and limit the maximum surface temperature of the shell is equal to the key to ensure that the product explosion-proof performance. Explosion-proof head of the flange and cylinder, bearing and shaft of the flame contact surface parameters in line with the relevant provisions of GB3836.1. Electrostatic head of the welding explosion-proof shell finishing can withstand the GB3836.2 hydraulic pressure test 1.5MPa, calendar (10-12) S, mainly in the absence of water and deformation is not qualified. When working, the maximum surface temperature of the explosion-proof pan / nose shell is less than 80 ° C. Explosion-proof pan / tilt introduction device using compression nut type device, its built-in rubber seal according to GB3836.1 aging test qualified high-quality rubber material manufactured, product performance is stable, reliable quality.

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