Fire Detection Access Control Box with Alarm

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Fire Detection Access Control Box with Alarm


      Fire Detection Access Control Box with Alarm is a highly integrated hub device.It can access a variety of sensors for data acquisition, analysis and processing of the data,and transmit analysis results to the terminal equipment.Products provide a wealth of standard interface:optical port, electrical port, 2G / 3G / 4G, wifi, RS485, video interface, audio input and output interfaces, intelligent application interface.Fire Detection Access Control Box with Alarm can be used in intelligent systems in all industries.


High Integration: Adopt highly integrated, modular design, set many functional products in a "board".

High Reliability: Less equipment, less wiring, less failure, high reliability.

High fusion: Provide a variety of interfaces, access to various types of sensors, applicable to all walks of life, to achieve a controller to solve the intelligent needs of various industries.

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