Forest Fire Control System Based on gprs and zigbee

- Jul 20, 2017 -

A forest fire can burn a very large area of forest in a very short time and threaten residential and commercial areas near the forest. A large forest fire will likely result in large fire-fighting costs and other economic losses and endanger wildlife and humans. Four elements are needed to start and sustain a fire: (1) fuel, (2) heat or other ignition source, (3) oxygen, and (4) chemical reaction. Various methods of fighting forest fires are known in the art.

One common method of fighting a fire is to spray water on the fire with a hose fed by a water main, a water tanker, a lake, or a stream to cool the fire, thus removing the element of heat. The water may also dilute the oxygen in the air around the fire when the water is converted into water vapor. A helicopter or an airplane may be used to drop large amounts of water on the fire. Another method of fighting forest fires is to remove the fuel by removing undergrowth and trees in the fire's path or by back-burning an area in front of the fire. A liquid, foam, or solid chemical flame retardant may be sprayed or dropped on a fire to interrupt the chemical chain reaction. The chemical may react with the fuel to stop combustion or it may form a blanket that separates the oxygen in the air from the fuel.

The foregoing methods are typically utilized once the fire has been located and personnel or equipment have arrived at the site of the fire. The delay in locating and delivering a response to suppress and extinguish the fire often results in the forest fire burning a large area before the fire can be brought under control. A system and a method are needed that can immediately locate a new forest fire and quickly deliver a response to suppress and extinguish the forest fire in its beginning stage.

The present general inventive concept provides a system for locating, suppressing, and extinguishing a forest fire in the beginning stage, comprising: (a) a fire locating means such as one or more unmanned drones configured to detect and locate a new forest fire, (b) a processing and control means such as a computer with computer software applications configured to process location and other information about the new forest fire, to develop a fire suppression proposal, and to control a delivery means, (c) a delivery means such as a guided missile system configured to deliver a fire suppression means to the location of the forest fire, and (d) a fire suppression means such as a missile configured to contain fire retarding chemicals to suppress and extinguish the fire.

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