Forest Fire Damages in India

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Forest Fire Damages in India

Forest fires are the main cause of forest degradation in India. Although the fire statistics are weak, it is estimated that the proportion of forest area where forest fires occur each year ranges from 33% in some states to over 90% in other states. About 90% of India's forest fires started with humans. Forest fires have a wide range of adverse ecological, economic and social impacts. In short, the cause of the fire.


India has about 1.7 million hectares of productive coniferous forests, including Abies spp., Picea smithiana, deodar (Cedrus deodara), kail and chir pine (Pinus wallichiana and P. roxburghii) Wood and pulp tree species. The stocks of these forests are estimated to be more than 200 million cubic meters and their monetary value may be between 40 to 600 million U.S. dollars (976 to 146.4 billion U.S. dollars). In other countries, precious deciduous forests that are biodiverse are severely damaged by forest fires. Forests in the north-eastern part of the country are hot spots for biodiversity. In order to protect these precious forests and their value, it is necessary to create stricter protection against fire than ever before.


The normal fire season in India is from February to mid-June. India witnessed the most serious forest fire that recently struck the mountains of Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh in the summer of 1995. The fire was very serious and aroused the nation's attention. An area of 677700 hectares, affected by the fire. The quantifiable loss of wood is around Rs. 1.75 billion rupees (43 million U.S. dollars; 100 million rupees = 10 million rupees). Incremental loss of timber, loss of soil fertility, loss of water and soil, loss of employment, depletion of water sources and loss of biodiversity are not the causes of fire calculated by government-appointed commissions, as these losses are neither economic nor ecological Estimated, but it is very important. 

The fire in the mountains caused the smog in the area for days. However, after the rain, the smoke disappeared. These fires caused microclimate changes in the area in such a way that soil moisture balance and evaporation increased. The lack of adequate manpower, communications and water resources in the mountains has spread rapidly to the crown level. Thick smoke spread to the sky, affecting visibility up to 14,000 feet.


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