Forest fire monitoring- PTZ camera

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Forest fire monitoring- PTZ camera


Forest fire hazards:

Forest fires are the most dangerous enemy of forests and the most devastating disaster in forestry, with the most devastating and destructive consequences for forests. Forest fires not only burn the forest into pieces, damaging the animals within the forest, but also reduce the ability of the forest to renew, causing the soil of the poor and destroying the role of the forest to conserve water, and even lead to the imbalance of ecological environment. Despite the rapid advances in science in the world today, mankind has yet to make significant progress in subduing forest fires, and forest fire prevention and detection are more relevant than extermination.


1. Forest fire not only burns many trees, reduces the stand density, and destroys the forest structure. At the same time, it also causes the succession of tree species. The low value of tree species, shrubs and weeds are replaced to reduce the value of forest use.


2. Due to the burned-out forest, naked forest land, loss of forest water conservation and soil and water conservation will cause other natural disasters such as waterlogging, drought, landslide, landslide and wind-blown sand.


3. Forest burned by fire, whose growth has declined, has provided a favorable environment for the large-scale derivation of forest pests and diseases and accelerated the death of trees. After a forest fire, rapid changes in the forest environment are caused. Interfering and unbalanced forest ecology such as weather, water and soil often takes decades or centuries to recover.


4. Forest fires can destroy various productive facilities and buildings in the forest area, threaten the villages and towns near the forest, endanger the lives and property of people in the forest areas, and forest fires can burn and drive away precious animals. When a forest fire occurs, it can produce a lot of smoke and pollute the air environment. In addition, fighting forest fires consume a great deal of manpower, material and financial resources, affecting industrial and agricultural production. Sometimes causing personal injury and death, affecting the stability of the community.


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