Front-end intelligent monitoring base station by which systems?

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Front-end intelligent monitoring base station by which systems?

The front-end intelligent monitoring system adopts video camera and telephoto lens to collect video surveillance images in the forest area within a few kilometers near the base station. The heavy digital camera head and the lens are used to realize azimuth 360 ° and elevation angle -45 ° to + 45 ° Azimuth and azimuth monitoring through the heavy digital PTZ azimuth and elevation and telephoto lens focal point to achieve the precise positioning of the fire point in the back of the camera configuration of an advanced embedded pyrotechnics recognition system to achieve the intelligent recognition of fireworks, once found Suspected pyrotechnics, fireworks recognition system automatically identifies and automatically send alarm signals to the back-end monitoring center, configure a video encoder to front-end monitoring of video images compressed by the encoder, using 5.8G wireless digital microwave system will monitor the base station video images And various control signals back to the monitoring center;


Due to the location of the base station in the wild, waterproofing, anti-corrosion and heat preservation measures need to be taken. Therefore, all weather protection covers for cameras and telephoto lenses are used for protection. An integrated integrated base station control system for the intelligent recognition processor and other control devices isadopted to ensure System for a long time stable and reliable operation. Because the base station is located far away from the monitoring center and there is no power supply in the vicinity, a solar power generation system or a solar and wind power generation system is needed to provide power protection for the base station equipment. Since the location of the base station is a wild forest area, Consider the anti-theft of the base station equipment itself and the lightning protection and grounding safety measures of the base station equipment. In order to obtain a better and wider range of monitoring coverage, it is necessary to build the tower at the base station location, and the required height is determined according to the scope of the monitoring visual field and the actual vegetation surrounding.


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