HD PTZ for Safe City

- Oct 27, 2017 -


This is HD Digital PTZ,which is used in the field of security for remoting video surveillance.


It made of aluminum alloy material. With wear-resistant,strong wind resistance,good sealing performance.Fully dustproof and waterproof ,with a protection grade of IP66.

Its rear side is designed with a window for maintenance,from which the decoding board can be plugged and inserted without opening the PTZ shell. The PTZ integrated the PTZ decoding ,motor drive ,power supply and other functions into one plugged board, can be maintained by replacing the decoding board. Saving maintenance cost and manpower cost.


We can look the internal structure,compared with other manufacturers of equipment, the HD PTZs line becomes a lot less, realized the integrated management mode, with mult-function integrated into one circuit board.That reduces the failure rate and easy to maintain.


Internal use of worm structure,worm gear drive ,compare with belt transmission ,it can reach the high stability,wear-resisting ,high precision.With self-locking power down function,smooth operation,the product 360°horizontal continuous operation.


Intelligent Network PTZ has two warehouse,one is electronic room,another is mechanical room.The feature is easy maintenance and troubleshooting



1. High integration.Integrated many functions into one circuit board, easy maintenance and management, lower maintenance costs and manpower costs,save maintenance time.

2. Enhance user experience, reduce the trouble of installation, management, and maintenance of customers.

3. Afford a free circuit board to customers , easy for customers with repair.

4. Afford the embedded platform,access to all kinds of algorithms.It can help you realize the License plate recognition, face recognition, wind testing and other functions.This PTZ system is custom-made,many configuration are available,that depend on our customer.

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