Highway monitoring system solutions

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Highway monitoring system solutions

The expressway is the main artery of national economic development. In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society, the number of motor vehicles has been increased rapidly, the traffic demand has greatly increased, and the management has become increasingly difficult. At present, the monitoring way of expressway are relatively backward, the information collection point of the road is less and the function is single, which has not kept up with the development speed of the expressway. As a result, some expressways gradually appear the phenomenon of natural overcrowding, resulting in "high speed is not high."

The intelligent monitoring box is the core in this system, through the installation of HD network cameras, intelligent analysis equipment, large screen, voice intercom system, environmental meteorological sensors, etc., by monitoring the traffic flow of the highway, the operating conditions and the environmental meteorology, give full play to the features of convenience, fast and safe.

Based on the existing monitoring system, the control box on the monitoring system pole is replaced by our company's intelligent monitoring box to build an intelligent operation and maintenance management system.


Illegal behavior handling: By installing surveillance cameras, voice equipment and large screens on the important road sections and accidental road sections.

       Convenient services for car owners: Base on the realization of all the functions of illegal processing, the system can provide convenient service for the car owners.

Remote network management: When detecting that the front-end equipment is powered off, the network is disconnected and illegally opening the door, the location information of the faulty equipment can be sent to the persons in charge and management through SMS, and the information is automatically transmitted to the back-end management platform through the network, real-time push to the responsible APP client for immediate processing, post-mortem statistics.

System composition diagram shown as below:


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