How to choose HD surveillance cameras?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

How to choose HD surveillance cameras?

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1.Application requirements

High-definition surveillance cameras are mainly used in financial systems, municipal agencies, road traffic monitoring and other places where there is high demand for images. These places require a clear understanding of facial features, action, license plate number and so on. Therefore, if you undertake the project is these applications, then you can cost to consider whether to choose the high-definition surveillance cameras.


2.Product Features

The market is usually higher than 600 line camera positioning for high-definition surveillance cameras, in fact, some of the manufacturers on the market will be 500 lines of chips as the 600 line product sales, mainly video digital processing chip different. This contrast with the real 600-line CCD imaging results are very different, all in the choice of try to choose a good reputation of the manufacturers, such as LODE, Dahua and so on.



High-definition surveillance cameras are mainly reflected in the clarity of the screen, to achieve the clarity of the screen, not only a horizontal resolution of 600TVL on the line, and with wide dynamic, automatic white balance, image sharpness adjustment, super Digital noise reduction, intelligent digital automatic metering compensation and other functions. In the detection of wide dynamic features, you need to observe whether the transition between bright and dark areas is clear and natural, whether the wide dynamic range can be automatically adjusted. Good camera in the bright and dark areas will have a rich level and delicate performance, look at the license plate under the night lights, the outline of the headlights, filament and license plate are very clear, and does not appear vertical bright line. The low light at night to observe the camera's surveillance screen is clear, such as noise size.


4.Convenient control

HD surveillance camera operating settings are mainly through the electronic menu and dial code two ways to adjust. Cameras with electronic menu functions need to value the menu content is rich, the operation is convenient, can meet different complex monitoring environment. And with Chinese menu function than the English menu debugging intuitive and easy to use. Some camera menus have standard daytime, day and night, evening, street, custom mode, you only need to select a mode can easily deal with a variety of complex environmental needs, this feature is more quickly and easily.


5.Data interface

Surveillance cameras in the practical application of the total may be due to environmental or man-made damage, resulting in failure to work properly. Therefore, the purchase of high-definition surveillance cameras, we also pay attention to its back-end data interface is rich, generally need to have an alarm interface, audio interface and RS-485 interface. Some interfaces can improve the level of security monitoring, and some interfaces to facilitate remote menu calls set to improve the convenience of post-monitoring equipment maintenance


6.Wide voltage function

We often encounter in the practical application of unstable power and burn the camera phenomenon. Especially in some remote mountainous areas, when the voltage is high and low, surveillance cameras can not work normally. The camera's power supply is mostly DC24V and AC12V. But there are manufacturers of cameras with wide voltage function, such as the standard voltage is AC12V, but the camera can work properly between 916V. The benefits of the wide voltage function are obvious at this time.


7.Lightning protection function

With the rapid popularization and application of safety monitoring and control system in banking, transportation, residential and warehouse management, the possibility of monitoring and controlling system equipment due to lightning damage is greatly increased. Up to 85% of the surveillance cameras damaged by thunderstorms are likely to cause the entire monitoring system to malfunction, while the high-definition camera prices are also high, which directly causes unpredictable economic losses. World-friendly cameras with lightning protection on the market are relatively mature, so choosing a camera with chip-level lightning protection is very important.


8.Other systems

In order to obtain high-definition video, in addition to the front of the high-definition surveillance cameras, the transmission system, the intermediate system and the terminal display system must meet the bandwidth and compression requirements in order to achieve high-resolution actual results. This includes cables, matrices, video recorders, servers, and various encoders. The cable bandwidth, attenuation is small, high anti-interference, better guarantee the quality of the image transmission process. Terminal display device is best to choose non-interlaced scan monitor, and is more than 600 lines. Therefore, in addition to the previous monitoring equipment, other aspects of the package is also an important measure of the quality of monitoring indicators.


9.Technical Services

Finally, before you buy the product, do not forget to understand the manufacturer's technical support on the product, whether to provide product technical training, the product's special features and operation of the menu a detailed analysis and explanation of these for the post-construction maintenance Are very important. In addition, if the product fails to work properly, whether the manufacturers can provide a variety of appropriate technical services, it is also very important.


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