How to use HD surveillance camera

- Jan 26, 2018 -

How to use HD surveillance camera

Create an innovative HD security camera system, Xiuge Tech provides superior HD security surveillance camera system solutions, easy to use.Test high-definition surveillance cameras main test definition and color reproduction, illumination, backlight compensation, followed by measuring its monitoring camera distortion, power consumption, minimum operating voltage, the first below the clarity and color reproduction and illumination, backlight compensation measurements The first step to introduce.

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1 . Sharpness measurement: Multiple high-definition surveillance cameras for testing, should use the same lens, (recommended for fixed focus, two variable lens), to test the card center circle appear on the left and right monitor screen subject, clear and accurate The number of ticks has been given a total of 10 vertical lines and 10 horizontal lines. Respectively represents the vertical resolution and horizontal resolution, and the corresponding group has given the number of lines. Such as the vertical line of 350 horizontal 800 lines, this time the best black and white monitor. Test can focus on distant objects, but also while measuring edge focus. Best to use both, you can see the difference between this camera (near and far convergence).


2 . HD video surveillance camera color reproduction of the test: This parameter should be selected for the color monitor. First of all, long-distance observation of figures, costumes, to see whether the color distortion, contrasting colorful objects to see the high sensitivity of surveillance cameras, take the color album on the front of the surveillance camera to see the picture sketched clarity, too light or too thick, Once again respond to the movement of colored objects for imaging, to see whether the color of the tail, delay, blur and so on. Test conditions So most of the video camera illumination at 50V should be measured at 50 +10 V illumination, that is, each surveillance camera based on the maximum illumination plus ten volts, and the aperture should be kept closest to the state.


3. Illuminance: HD camera will be placed in the darkroom darkroom, darkroom before and after the 220V incandescent source active, at the regulator, the voltage regulator to adjust the high generation of darkroom interior light darkness, the voltage can be transferred from 0V to 250V. Indoor lighting can also be the most dark from the most Ming, the test when the camera is open to the maximum aperture record the lowest value of illumination (the active light regulator dimmer can not see the dark room built-in screen) and then the aperture Hit to the minimum and then record the next minimum illumination, but also before and after the lights were pressure off.


4. Surveillance camera HD backlight compensation: There are two ways to test this parameter: one is in the dark room, the front of the camera to adjust the pressure light is turned on, adjusted to the brightest, and then place a picture or text below the lamp, the surveillance camera Welcome camera, see pictures and text can see, the screen is not stabbed thorns, and adjust the AL, AX pull switch to see if any change, which works best. The other is in the sunny case of the camera outside the window, then see pictures and text can see clearly.

5. Surveillance camera HD distortion: to see HD surveillance camera distortion Put the test card on the front of the camera so that the entire sphere appears on the screen, see if the spherical ellipse, the camera forward to see the center of the circle with or without amplification, then the distance test edge, Angle, box with or without distortion of the arc.


6. HD surveillance camera power consumption: the minimum operating voltage, the use of multimeter to measure current, using a small voltage regulator to adjust the voltage to see.


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