Which place can HD surveillance camera be used?

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Which place can HD surveillance camera be used?


1.Home video security, residential networking video security system

2.Large-scale communications operators to promote 3G pre-promotional materials, increase network users

3.ATMs, bank tellers, supermarkets, factories and other wireless monitoring

4.Nursery schools, kindergartens, schools provide remote wireless monitoring services

5.Power station, Telecom / Mobile / Unicom base station unattended system

6.Oil, drilling, exploration and other wireless monitoring system

7.Coal mine, mine, wellhead and other wireless monitoring system

8.Intelligent Building, Intelligent Community wireless monitoring system

9. Pipeline wireless monitoring system, warehouse wireless monitoring system

10.Pasture testing, water pollution, remote wireless monitoring of river resources

11.Outdoor equipment wireless supervision, outdoor products wireless video security

12.Bridges, tunnels, intersection traffic conditions wireless monitoring system

13. Public Security Traffic Highway accident prone areas

14.Unmanned areas of tourist attractions flood control detection break dike detection dam detection

15.Modern forest fire forest checkpoint forest fire

16. Environmental exploration, on-site weather temperature transmission management

17.Customs ports, railway stations, terminals, airports wireless video surveillance

18. Power tower, transformer anti-theft, wireless remote meter reading system and video security

19. Army warehouses and other command exercises wireless video transmission

20.Distance education system, education grading system, centralized teaching management system

21.Vehicle anti-robbery system, vehicle anti-robbery positioning system, vehicle management center

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