Infrared thermal imaging

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Infrared thermal imaging

Infrared thermal imager working principle


At first,we understand the working principle of the thermal imaging camera. All objects in nature can radiate electromagnetic waves as long as the temperature is higher than absolute zero (-273 ). Infrared radiation is one of the most widespread electromagnetic radiation in nature.It is based on the random movement of molecules and atoms of any object in a normal environment and radiates thermal infrared energy continuously. Infrared thermal imaging camera through the thermal imaging lens of the infrared radiation projected on the detector, the infrared detector and then the strength of the radiation signal ranging from the corresponding electrical signal conversion, after amplification and video processing, the formation of human observation Video image.

New tools for observing in a completely dark environment and in all weather conditions "see" the thermal energy emitted by an object using an infrared camera. Infrared cameras generate visible infrared or "hot" radiation images. According to the temperature difference between the object to generate a clear image, even the smallest details can be completed, to achieve day and night work.


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