Integrated Intelligent Laser Thermal PTZ

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Integrated Intelligent Laser Thermal PTZ


Intelligent PTZ design, integrated with zooming laser illuminator, CCTV camera, pan tilt cover, decoder and power conversion are integrated into one cirsuit board, with the function of dome camera and long distance night vision.


Intelligent and modular design: The Integrated Intelligent Laser Thermal PTZ integrates the video coding, data acquisition, protocol conversion, power amplifier, power inverter, temperature control and lightning protection and other functional modules with the fireworks intelligent identification processor researched and developed independently by Helpsoft, compact structure, no problem of compatibility, low failure rate and good stability.

High integration: The intelligent network digital PTZ highly integrates the functions of surge protection, information exchange, communication, control, analysis and processing to reduce the power consumption of equipment and improve the operating reliability of equipment.

Wear resistance: Using special alloy material with a high coefficient of wearing, make it service life up to 10 years.

Easy maintenance: Integrated into one circuit board and open at the back side of PTZ, maintenance costs are just a few tenths of traditional equipment.

Easy installation: Small size, it can be directly connected to the external equipment only with one data cable when installation.

Low power consumption: The maximum operating power of the equipment does not exceed 50W.

Integrated lightning protection: the device itself integrated lightning protection module, no need of additional purchase lightning protection box.

IP66 protection grade: anti-corrosion coating treatment on the surface make it has the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof and antiseptic.

Monitoring range: According to the different lenses, monitoring range will also be different (this product is suitable for monitoring the radius of 3-5 km area)

Load forms: Top load/Bilateral load.

Technical parameters:


Top load(visible light)

Bilateral load(visible light and thermal imaging)

Power supply








Tilt angle



Rotation range

Horizontal 0 ° --- 360 ° continuous rotation

Operating accuracy


Rotation speed



Automatic (preset) / manual

Data exchange


Lightning protection

Integrated anti-surge protection circuit

Self-locking function

Using worm and gear drive design, with self-locking function



Protection grade



Cast aluminum structure, worm transmission power interface design; special coating process

Structural feature

Separate structure for the warehouses, pluggable design for the master control circuit board makes it easy for the maintenance conducted by the customer.

Application areas: Border&coastal surveillance, forest fire prevention, intelligent transportation, etc.

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