Intelligent Fire&Smoke Recognition

- Feb 01, 2018 -

The Applications of Intelligent Fire&Smoke Recognition


Intelligent fire&smoke video surveillance has been widely used in military, customs, public security, fire protection, forestry, dams, airports, railways, ports, urban transportation and many other public occasions.

1. Forest, chemical industry and power plants

For the fire in the forest, coal, chemical industry, oil processing plants, water conservancy and nuclear power plant, to install the fire&smoke video surveillance into the forest fire system, the turbine room, the battery room, tilt room, and compression room etc.. The early detection of fire&smoke can be effectively reduce the damage of properties.

2. Large passenger liner, ferry

The applications in ship include engine room, thrust room, turbine room, pump room and other equipment rooms, etc., and the intelligent fire&smoke video surveillance has been successfully applied to various ships by the U.S. and British navies to synchronize command and control.

3. Warehouse, distribution center

The scale of these occasions usually are large and wide, the proportion of stocking goods per unit are high, the use of intelligent fire&smoke video surveillance can alarm the fire at the beginning so as to avoid major losses.

4. Market

In the event of a fire in a shopping mall, the flammability of its stored items will cause the fire to spread rapidly, resulting in greater losses. Intelligent Fire&smoke Video Surveillance installed in the open hall will not allow any cause of fire within the suspicious phenomenon.

5. Aircraft hangar

Aircraft hangar fire will not only cause tens of millions of losses, but also affect its associated services. Intelligent fire&smoke video surveillance can timely detect the existence of fire&smoke, so as to suppress the fire timely.

6. Stadium

Usually the space of large stadiums are very large, the situation has been very serious when the traditional devices have detected the fire&smoke. Intelligent  fire&smoke video surveillance can always monitor the situation of the open space, and timely response it to the relevant personnel before a fire.

7. Tunnel&subway

Tunnels and subways are semi-enclosed and once there is a fire, evacuation is a contest with time. Intelligent fire&smoke video surveillance can detect the fire in the open and unmanned area in time, and strive for more precious rescue time.

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