Intelligent Monitoring System for Forest Fire Prevention

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Intelligent Monitoring System for Forest Fire Prevention

Forest Guard 365 is a way of monitoring forest resources within a few kilometers using video surveillance technology combined with intelligent smoke&fire recognition technology. Through intelligent forest fire early-warning methods, it can not only achieve the real-time monitoring and recording of the forest resources, but also uses the intelligent monitoring mechanisms. Through the intelligent equipment to automatically complete the monitoring and alarm of the forest fire resources to assist forest fire monitoring staff to complete the monitoring of forest resources. It is a kind of intelligent technological means that transfers from the traditional manual monitoring to automatic monitoring by the machine.

To install the visible and infrared dual-spectrum pyrotechnic identification system on the operator's tower, existing watch tower, newly built tower or pole etc., and realize the automatic scanning and automatic discovery, automatic alarm and automatic positioning of the fire in the visible area of the forest fire prevention area. Dual-spectrum identification system can overcome the disadvantages existing in the single intelligent identification system such as the influence on the visible camera imaging when bad weather, as well as the poor anti-blocking ability of infrared camera, image is not intuitive and so on, improve the forest fire recognition ability to achieve high efficient intelligent identification of early warning all year-round and all-weather.


No missing cruise: provide S-type, cut apple type cruise program. Also can set the scan schedule according to the weather conditions, seasons, climate and other factors.

No delay alarm: found fire point, instant recognition, real-time alarm

Strong recognition ability: intelligent secondary recognition, eliminate omissions, less false positives

More precise positioning: super logic algorithm, fast identify, accurate positioning


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