Long range PTZ thermal imaging camera for early forest fire prevention & detection

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Long range PTZ thermal imaging camera for early forest fire prevention & detection

Thermal cameras have been used in a wide variety of applications, including detection of problems in electrical and mechanical industries,  but in recent years there has been an increase  of use in the Homeland Security Industry to detect intruders and also the build up of fires within the woodland.


Thermal imaging can help to detect hot spots before a fire occurs so that the necessary measure can be taken.One of the main advantages of the thermal camera is that it can be installed in very remote locations and monitor the surrounding environment 24/7 hours.

Early Detection Can Be More Important Than Prevention.Unfortunately, most wildfires aren’t easily preventable,To significantly mitigate the risk from and cost of wildfires, they must be detected and suppressed prior to reaching an uncontrolled state.


Xiuge's thermal imaging camera specially design for forest fire prevention ,detection and alarm,integrates perimeter surveillance, long-range area observation, and fire detection analytics in a single PTZ camera. The system  provides a reliable response to major safety risks by enabling the user to continuously monitor target sites in the range of a few kilometers from the mounting point.

With special fire warning platform software, can realize the video display, control, storage, playback, scanning and automatic control, automatic alarm information processing, automatic alarm record, calculate calibration point position, virtual police district management, GIS map information display, meteorological data access, hierarchical management, specialized functions such as dynamic evolution strategy, fighting the fire, very suitable for forest fire prevention, animal husbandry and grassland, coal mine, large-scale granary fire automatic remote monitoring.


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