Outdoor Security Camera Heavy Duty Pan Tilt

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Outdoor Security Camera Heavy Duty Pan Tilt

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The Outdoor Security Camera Heavy Duty Pan Tilt is a high-performance monitoring product that is applicable to the fields.

Features of products

1. Top load, the maximum load is 50Kg

2. Worm and gear drive mode, it can be self-locking when power off

3. Support angle return and zoom information back

4. Integrate the motor drive, PTZ decoding and power inverter into one circuit board

5. The main control circuit board can be pluggable, so there is need to send the ptz back for maintenance

6. Power consumption is less than 40W, easy to solar powered in the field

7. Protection class is IP66

Application areas: Border&coastal surveillance, forest fire prevention, intelligent transportation, etc.

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