PTZ Camera:Are they suitable for live broadcast?

- Jan 12, 2018 -

PTZ Camera:Are they suitable for live broadcast?

Things get more complicated as you add live broadcasts to the technology mix. Where do you place the camera? How much do you need? Is there an operator platform behind the tripod? Of course, many congregations are drawn to the idea of using a small robot or a PTZ camera.


On the surface, PTZ seems to be a good choice. You put a rather small device on a wall, a post or a small tripod, and nobody noticed them and would not sit there. Finally, you get the camera and fewer objections.


In some cases, PTZ is exactly what you need. In other ways, they are not. Before making a decision, consider the following information to see if they are suitable for you.


PTZ is often more expensive than studio cameras of similar quality. Camera operators need a tripod and talkback (communication) system to get the right picture, while a single PTZ is a combination of a camera, control system, and motor and electronics. However, adding a high-quality control interface to the camera can be costly.


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