PTZ Camera Auto Tracking

- Jan 05, 2018 -


PTZ Camera Auto Tracking 


PTZ zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera capable of remote direction and zoom control. PTZ cameras can monitor large areas using a security camera. PTZ camera auto tracking allows you to remotely control the viewing area. Our control system even allows you to remotely control your PTZ camera from anywhere in the world. Optical zoom function can focus on the details of the face or license plate.

When CCTV cameras first appeared, many privacy minded people had a discontent voice. But over the years, the growing technical capabilities of these gadgets have made them indispensable. CCTV cameras are now mandatory to ensure personal and property safety.

The number of these PTZ camera auto tracking on the wall is increasing, with almost all of the large venues - educational venues, offices and commercial establishments, apartments, factories, bus stops, train stations have high-end video surveillance cameras. Not only do they guard the watch, they also perform smart functions such as perimeter protection: they alert staff if they go down the line. Some cameras even warn the intruder away.

The deployment of hundreds of these networked surveillance devices poses two major challenges: first, storing and managing massive amounts of data in the form of high-resolution video recording; and second, the security of these networked IP devices.


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