Road to wisdom transformation for Safe city

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Road to wisdom transformation forSafe city


   Smart city, peace as the first. The transition from a safe city to a smart city is quite comprehensive. This transformation is not simply an optimization and upgrading based on a safe city, but a full re-creation under the safe environment created by a safe city. First of all, for the purpose of construction, safe city from the public safety, focusing on public security control, and smart city involves public security, transportation, education, health care, people's livelihood, industry and commerce, environmental protection and many other areas, designed to run the entire city process Wisdom management, so as to promote the city's sustainable development of science. In terms of technical applications, Ping An City has established a complete application system that is close to actual combat of public security by means of multi-dimensional resource collection, cloud storage construction, video surveillance network and integrated application platform of video resources, etc. However, the smart city undoubtedly incorporates more time and resources Into the science and technology, in addition to big data, the depth of cloud computing optimization, but also opened a new pattern AI + artificial intelligence, which also set off security industry layout AI + boom.

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