Safe City greets many challenges

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Safe City greets many challenges

In recent years, despite the endless stream of high-tech technologies in the fields of global economic integration, social organization restructuring and social media, refugee problems caused by various natural disasters and turmoil in some areas are also emerging. It makes us feel that the world as we know it is now Change, security threats continue to increase. In particular, the criminal model has shifted from the traditional social reality to the online world and the crime cost has been getting lower and lower, all of which pose new challenges to the construction of a safe city.


Through many years of planning and construction, the current overall safe city already has a good level of information technology. The construction of Skynet achieved video coverage within the urban area, while the construction of Shining Project will further supplement the point resources of past blind spots such as villages and back streets.

At the same time, high-tech intelligent technologies are also being applied continuously. With the secondary analysis of vehicles, face recognition and video structured processing technology are becoming more mature, the public security management has more early-warning management means to enhance the public security Case efficiency. From a development perspective, safe city construction is shifting from traditional Skynet construction to comprehensive policing application, integrating intelligent analysis technology, big data analysis technology and Internet of things technology; from the functional level, from "visible to see clearly" Developed into a "see clearly, look thorough"; business level, so that security control from post-event control to the overall stability and stability changes.

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