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- Nov 09, 2017 -

Use Intelligent Control Box instead of the Normal Cabinet.On the basis of the existing monitoring system, the control box on the monitoring system pole is replaced by our company's integrated access controller, Construct intelligent operation and maintenance management system with intelligent monitoring box as the core.


Based on the functions of real-time upload of camera video, power supply of video camera and reverse control of dome camera, it adds the network management function of front-end equipment and can keep abreast of the running status of front-end equipment. When monitoring the camera power off, network broken, illegal open the door, you can use SMS locate of the camera and send the information to the designated responsible and management staff, while the information is automatically transmitted to the back-end management platform for immediate processing, post-statistics Wait.


On the basis of realizing all the functions of the above simple application mode, it can realize the access of the IP intercom terminal, realize the voice intercom and propaganda of the monitoring center and the front end, and also can access the LED and the tweeter, and the monitoring center personnel can realize the on-site Personnel to ease, to stop the illegal acts and investigate,collect evidence;Using voice and large-screen text messages to remind violations of the vehicle ,to divert traffic vehicles on the road, diversion and other functions. In addition, the system can also add intelligent video analysis functions such as license plate recognition, traffic statistics, and personnel anomalous behavior analysis so as to realize automatic processing of various behaviors of on-site personnel and vehicles.


Operation and maintenance personnel can also install the mobile APP client to realize the mobile office, and can receive the assigned tasks and system distributed information anytime and anywhere, and timely handle the work within the scope of responsibility.


System diagram as shown below:


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