Security monitoring front-end part

- Apr 25, 2017 -

Front to complete the simulation video capture, detector alarm signal generation, PTZ, shield control, alarm output and other functions. Mainly include: camera, electric zoom lens, outdoor infrared on the radio detector, double monitoring detector, temperature and humidity sensors, PTZ, shield, decoder, BSV LCD splicing screen, digital scanner, lights, sirens and other equipment Equipment usage according to the actual needs of users configuration). Camera through the built-in CCD and auxiliary circuit to shoot the scene as an analog video signal, the coaxial cable transmission. The electric zoom lens will shoot the scene closer, push away, and realize the aperture, focusing and other optical adjustment. Temperature, humidity sensor can detect the environment temperature, humidity, thus ensuring a good internal physical environment. PTZ, hood to the camera and lens provides a suitable working environment, and can achieve the shooting angle of the horizontal and vertical adjustment. Decoder is PTZ, lens control of the core equipment, through which you can use the computer interface through the software control lens, PTZ.

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