Stages of forest fire suppression

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Stages of forest fire suppression


According to the regularity of forest fire and the characteristics of firefighting, fighting forest fire must follow the procedure of "control first, then eliminate, finally consolidate".

(A) Control fire stage. This stage is the initial phase of firefighting, its main task is to block the fire, control the fire, and limit the fire within a certain range, also the most pressing phase of fire.

(B) Stabilize fire stage. After the block and control of the fire, more effective measures must be taken to flutter the fire flames (both sides of the fire) and prevent the fire from spreading to the both sides. This is the most crucial stage in fighting fire.

(C) Clean the remaining fire stage. After the fire is extinguished, must patrol on the burning ground and the remaining fire should be extinguished immediately.

(D) Guard fire field stage. The main task is to keep personnel guarding the fire. General barren hills and small forest fire should guard 12 hours, middle-aged forest and adult forest fire should guard more than 24 hours before being allowed to evacuate, the purpose is to prevent the resurgence of fire.

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