The basic technology in Intelligent monitoring video

- Dec 20, 2017 -

The basic technology in Intelligent monitoring video

Fog anti-reflection treatment technology

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Due to the scattering effect of the atmosphere, the video images acquired in foggy weather are rather vague and seriously affect the visual effect of the images. The main reason is that the target light is attenuated by the mist during the propagation, resulting in the loss of detail of the image and the lack of clarity. The ambient light has caused the distortion of the image color and the dullness of the color.

In order to improve the image of these foggy days, video fogging and penetration enhancement technology (referred to as transparent fogging technology) can be adopted to clear the foggy images caused by fog and dust, to discover more information contained in the images, For the next step on the intelligent image analysis applications provide good conditions.  

There are two main types of current fog treatment: foggy image enhancement and foggy image restoration. Foggy day image enhancement method is relatively simple, it does not consider the reasons for image quality degradation, only for image color processing, can effectively improve the contrast of foggy images, highlighting the details of the image to improve the visual effects of the image, but may be Cause a certain loss of information.  

Fog image restoration In view of the mechanism of fog image quality degradation, a fog image degradation model is established, and then the image restoration method is used to recover the image from fog degradation to compensate for the degradation caused by the degradation process so as to obtain an optimal estimation of the fog-free image , Thus improving the foggy image quality. This method is highly targeted, the defogging effect obtained is natural, and the information loss is small. The key to the treatment is the estimation of the parameters in the model.


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