The five key elements of selecting heavy duty digital PTZ

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The five key elements of selecting heavy duty digital PTZ


      The heavy duty digital PTZ is an important equipment in outdoor large-scale monitoring system. Compared with the traditional PTZ, it has the features of large load capacity, wide monitoring range, good stability and adaptability to harsh environment and climate. It is mainly used in forest fire prevention, ecological reserve, large reservoirs, military bases, border&coastal defense, large-scale factory, maritime fishery, expressways, high-speed rail and other fields.

Facing all kinds of different heavy duty digital PTZ in the market with true or false, how to pick a truly suitable heavy duty digital PTZ is a severe test of our ability to distinguish. Before choosing, we must think whats the demand of the heavy duty digital PTZ first?

1. No wear resistance

Heavy-duty digital PTZ needs 365 days in the field 24 hours a day all-weather non-stop 360 ° rotating automatic scanning and monitoring such as fire, people, vehicles and other targets, so under this perennial months of high-intensity work, PTZ is easy to be damaged due to the wear of mechanical parts. Therefore, how to enhance the wear resistance of heavy duty digital PTZ is also our urgent demand for large-scale monitoring system.

We can not predict when and where the accident will be. The traditional way of man-marking is not only passive and backward but also the labor costs are high. Long time staring at the screen will make the eyes easy to fatigue, easy to neglect, an inattentive may cause a fire due to human negligence. Therefore, heavy duty digital PTZ needs to automatically identify the fire point and alarm to replace the manual duty.

2. Complicated geographical location

Heavy Duty Digital PTZs are usually installed on the top of the field, such as the high mountains, border areas, ecological reserves, border&coastal surveillance and other places. Much of the places are mountains, forests and inaccessible. The roads can not be reached by car and no other means of transports, you can only drive to the nearest side of the road, then walk and climb 1 or even a few hours to reach the installation site. In addition, the weight of a PTZ has dozens of kilograms, how can one person be overloaded in a long time to complete the moving, installation and maintenance? Once there is any failure, 4 staff will be needed to remove the PTZ from the tower: two people on the tower to disassemble, two people on the ground to support, also need the pulley. The entire process is time consuming and miserable. How to make the post-maintenance work of heavy-duty digital PTZ more convenient, time-saving and labor-saving is one of the urgent needs of our large-scale monitoring system.

3. Complex climate

Some heavy-duty digital PTZs are installed in northern China, high-altitude mountainous areas, seaside islands and remote islands. They are exposed to inclement weather such as cold, high humidity, high temperature, typhoon, hail and some areas even reach temperatures -40 ℃in winter, so how to enhance the capabilities of anti-low-temperature and self-protection of PTZ is one of the pressing needs for large-scale monitoring system.

4. Difficulties of power supply

Not all heavy-duty digital cameras can be powered directly from the national grid, the remote places where havent connected the national grid, they can only rely on the wind power and solar power to maintain their operations. The greater the PTZ power is, the higher the corresponding cost of generating and storing electricity and construction is. By advocating environmental protection and energy saving today in China, how to save energy, reduce power consumption and reduce the construction and maintenance costs are also our urgent needs for large-scale monitoring system.

5. Vulnerable to lightning

In order to achieve the monitoring range of 1km to several tens of kilometers, the heavy-duty digital PTZ usually needs to be installed at a high point, and the high point is the place most vulnerable to lightning strikes. Without a good lightning protection structure, a lightning destroyed may not only a single PTZ device, but also all the equipment of a base station. Therefore, how to effectively prevent lightning attacks is also one of the urgent needs of our large-scale monitoring system.

In summary, we come to the five elements of selecting the heavy duty digital PTZ: wear-resistance, easy to maintain, low temperature resistance, lightning protection, energy saving and low consumption.

1) Wear resistance

The traditional heavy-duty PTZ uses non-wearable common alloy metal. During the long-term working in the field, the PTZ faulted due to the wear of mechanical components is common, and the service life of the PTZ is often only about 3 years.

Forest Guard Heavy duty digital PTZ uses the special metals with high wear resistance, special production process and better than military standard, even in the conditions of 365 days continuous work for about 10 years will not be bad.

2) Easy to maintain

There is only one circuit board inside Xiuges heavy duty digital PTZ, using a patented integrated board design, integrated the original multi-board functions into one pluggable circuit board with the patented back opening design, when the PTZ occurs fault, only need to replace the circuit board through the opening position back of the PTZ to complete the maintenance on the spot, saving manpower and material resources, greatly reducing the maintenance cycle.

3) Low temperature resistance

As Xiuges heavy duty digital PTZ only has a highly integrated circuit board, in addition, the use of part heating methods, also part insulation for the entire circuit board, low power consumption, low heat dissipation, even if the minus 40 ° can also ensure that electronic components have a suitable stable operating temperature, to avoid damage caused by low temperature components.

4) Energy saving and low consumption

The power consumption of Xiuges heavy duty digital PTZ is generally about 40W, 10 years of service life. The repair rate is less than 1/5 compared with the traditional heavy PTZ, and its latter operation and maintenance costs is only dozens of points of traditional heavy PTZ, greatly saving the operation and maintenance costs.

5) Lightning protection

Xiuges heavy duty digital PTZ has integrated the lightning protection module, combined with the tower lightning double grounding technology, formed the multiple lightning protection from the inside and outside of the PTZ. 

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