The importance of Sensor in the intelligent security developmen

- Dec 18, 2017 -

The importance of Sensor in the intelligent security development


In the smart cover, the use of travel switch or tilt sensor cover was stolen, the system will immediately send a warning message, managers simply open the phone, you can view in real-time on the electronic map cover the specific location and abnormal state, the first time Arrange engineering staff to view, repair.

Tilt sensor

Inclination sensors in modern security has a wide range of applications, as a security component, tilt sensor can automatically detect when an exception occurs, an alarm to prevent further danger to expand. Tilt sensor is mainly used to detect the level of the system, dual-axis tilt sensor can be completed at both directions of the level of measurement, it can be used to detect the level of the measured surface level.

CMOS image sensor

It is reported that in the 2015-2020 period, sensing technology CMOS technology is expected to dominate the global security and surveillance applications, smart camera market, the technology market, the main drivers of market growth include: CMOS image sensor small size, low power consumption, Ease of integration, faster frame rates and lower costs.


Radar sensor

With the rise of smart cities, traffic radar, 2D / 3D multi-target tracking radar is also gradually gaining popularity. In traffic engineering, speed is one of the most important data for measuring and assessing road performance and traffic condition. As a nerve end sensor of rail transit equipment, radar sensor can be used as a safeguarded technology for rail transportation equipment operation safety and a continual upgrade of equipment The key device technology.


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