The Positive and Negative Effects of Forest Fires

- Jan 22, 2018 -

The Positive and Negative Effects of Forest Fires

According to researchers, not all forest fires are completely bad, and some also create ecological benefits. Some fires are a natural occurrence of the entire grassland and forest ecosystems, as their purpose is to reduce dead and decaying leaves, logs and needles that accumulate in the woodlands. The fire also opened the forest, letting the sun shine in to nurture new growth, seeds and roots.


Over time, many plants and animals have adapted to the presence of forest fires, such as some pine trees, which are known to develop resinous coatings on the cones to prevent seed fires. This is actually the flame that stimulates the cone to burst and spread the seeds. Woodpeckers and other creatures also eat bark beetles and other insects that find home in newly-burned trees.


On the other hand, careless human fires remain a formidable source of destruction that puts natural resources, human and animal life, plants and property at risk. Forest fires cause major environmental, economic and social damage. The loss of wood, wildlife habitats and human dwellings may prove to be quite destructive. Over the years, it is undeniable that a large number of deaths, property damage and destruction, as well as the loss of valuable area associated with the forest fires.


In 1881, Michigan lost more than 250 lives of thumb fire and destroyed 1 million acres of land. The fire in California in 1889 was the largest fire in history, destroying 800,000 acres. California was hit again in 1970, when Laguna took 175,425 acres of fire; eight people were killed; 382 were demolished. Sinclair in 1894 covers an area of 160,000 acres, killing 418 people. The fire also destroyed 12 towns. In Cloquet Fire (1918) in Minnesota and Wisconsin, 400 to 500 people died.


Forest fires are also capable of causing huge economic losses as Florida suffered 2,200 fires during the dry season, burning 150 homes, causing $ 390 million in wood losses and $ 133 million in fire-fighting costs. New Mexico also suffered considerable fire damage costs as Los Alamos Los Angeles lost 430 homes, including 10 buildings, including Los Alamos National Laboratory, which damaged One billion U.S. dollars. So far, this is considered the worst fire in the history of the state.


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