Three-dimensional prevention and control system

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Three-dimensional prevention and control system


The construction of a three-dimensional prevention and control system is not only a matter of hardware construction but also of software construction such as analysis and application. This must be an opportunity and also a key point for the next step in the construction of a safe city. Now the types of front-end equipment are already very rich, such as ultra-low-light camera, aerial panoramic camera, face recognition camera and other equipment, from different dimensions for security monitoring, but how to make good use of them on the need for more scientific and more close to the actual business The information system to achieve.

From the public security business considerations, people, vehicles and other multi-dimensional data acquisition front-end security environment from many aspects of fixed-point distribution and control, mobile police equipment can be on-site emergency control, which is the hardware foundation of three-dimensional prevention and control. On this basis, in order to achieve a better actual combat effect, we need a more optimized intelligent algorithm to support and put forward higher requirements on the stability of the wireless network transmission. However, how to mine the big data collected by the front end and obtain the value by collision, Is the need for higher performance, better architecture computing system for its support. On top of this, it is necessary to build a practical, efficient and convenient application platform that meets the requirements of three-dimensional prevention and control so as to realize the establishment and improvement of the three-dimensional prevention and control system.

Therefore, we think this will bring tremendous business opportunities to the security market and related industries.

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