Urban Transport in Developing countries

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Urban Transport in Developing countries


Developing countries face serious traffic crisis, traffic jams, noise, pollution, traffic casualties and inequities.More than the level of developed cities. The transport crisis in developing countries has been exacerbated by the rapid economic growth.The largest cities, with low incomes, limited and backward transport infrastructure, rampant suburbs and steep motor surges.Ownership and use of vehicles, deteriorating bus services, road sharing for all types of motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicles.Insufficient and uncoordinated land use and transport planning.


Building healthy, orderly urban transport requires the aid of transport equipment.Machine from Xiuge-Tech can be used in forest fire prevention, safe city, intelligent transportation (highway, railway, port, pier, airport etc), water conservancy, maritime, fishery, electricity, environmental protection, petrifaction, border coastal defense and other important monitoring fields. 


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