What are the functions of HD surveillance cameras

- Jan 25, 2018 -

What are the functions of HD surveillance cameras?


1. 1/3 "Ex-view 1.3 Mega Pixel CCD · High-quality image signal output, image resolution up to 1280 × 960.

2. Standard H.264 video compression format, support for multi-stream options.

3. Using G723.1 / 6.3kbps compression algorithm, support two-way audio.

4. Low bit stream high frame rate transmission, unique technology to maintain ultra-low bandwidth.

5. SD memory card slot, can effectively solve the problem of video loss caused by network failure.

6. RS485 interface, built-in a variety of PTZ control protocol, an external PTZ control decoder.

7. With alarm input / output function.

8. Support POE power supply.

9. Built-in Web page, through IE for remote browsing and configuration.

10. Support DES / 3DES, HTTPS data encryption algorithm to ensure network data transmission security.

11. Support multi-level password protection and IP address filtering function, allowing only authorized users to configure and modify the network camera and access.

12. Supports a variety of network protocols such as RTP / RTCP, TCP / UDP, IPV4 / IPV6, HTTP, DHCP, PPPoE.

13. Support watermarking technology.

14. Provide a complete SDK development kit.

15. Powerful network client function, through the network monitoring system for remote management.

16. Particularly suitable for banks, terminals, office buildings, airports and other places need high-quality image monitoring and transmission.

17. In addition road, bayonet and other traffic monitoring system, has a unique advantage, you can achieve a camera at the same time monitor 2 or 3 lanes, the mainstream of the megapixel and 2 megapixel HD network camera, not only can see Clear the whole picture of the vehicle, you can also see the license plate number. The following is the use of KaiWei megapixel HD network camera shooting results.


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