What can we do when the PTZ can’t work?

- Jan 08, 2018 -

What can we do when the PTZ cant work?



What can we do when the PTZ cant work? There are many types of PTZs, here Id like to analyze the specific reasons:

1. When the distance is too long, the operation keyboard can not remotely control the camera (including the lens) and the PTZ via the decoder. This is mainly caused by the weak control signal of the decoder because the distance is too far and the effect of the control signal will be greatly reduced. Under these circumstances, should install a relay box to amplify the control signal in a certain distance.

2. When the camera is installed upside down, it will increase the operational load of the PTZ, so the transmission mechanism will soon be damaged, or even burn the motor;

3. The total weight of the camera and its housing exceeds the weight of the PTZ head. Especially the PTZ used in the outside which the housing is usually overloaded, so it will appear the problem that the PTZ cannot rotate.(esp. in the vertical direction)

4. Due to the ambient temperature is too high or too low, or poor performance of waterproof, antifreeze and others, the outdoor PTZ will be fault or even damage;

Now we clearly know why the PTZ cant work after the above understanding. Of course, except for the factors of product quality, it is generally caused by various reasons as follows:

1. The PTZs of monitoring system are faulted synchronously.

(1) Many possibilities: RS485 is broken, check the control module or controller of DVR's 485.

(2) If the control circuit faulted because one of the PTZs is broken, then power off the ptz one by one for testing. As there is a failure(like short circuit, broken circuit, etc.) of circuit in any of the PTZs, the whole control circuit will be affected.

(3) Address confusion caused by one of the addresses is disordered, then it will affect the control circuit. An address error may lead to other lines addresses  can not identified.

(4) Monitoring software failure, the control settings of monitoring software is faulted, such as control protocol, control address, port frequency and so on.

(5)Something wrong with the PTZs control lines.

(6)The main control side is reset, or PC monitor host system is reinstalled, making the decoder addresses are all 0. As for this problem, only need to change the address of the decoder.

2. Monitoring fault, no signal and the PTZ cant work.    Are the PTZ and decoder separated? Because some PTZs come with decoder. If separated, change the broken one. If you already find out the certain damaged component, then of course you can replace the component slightly.

(1)When line is broken, and it is impossible to wiring, you can use a wireless video signal transmitter, about 200 is enough, the distance is up to 100 meters.

(2) Is the camera stuck? Or the power supply between the decoder and the camera leads the decoder voltage is not enough or you reversed it?

(3) The rotation of PTZ will easily lead to the camera's BNC head was pulled, even lead to poor video line. Just change the bnc head, also called the connector signal line, 2 yuan.

3. PTZ is out of control.   As long as the protocol, baud rate and other related settings are normal, the video capture module is able to control all the PTZs, according to your description, there are several reasons, you can exclude one by one:

(1) If the self-test of PTZ is normal, the you need to consider that it might be the problems of control lines or software settings.

(2) To test if there are any signal in the control signal line.

(3) Using a code converter.

(4) To make sure whether the equipment is faulted or not, the fault equipment can be demolished to the test room to find out the resolution.

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