When is the most propitious moment for fire suppression?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

When is the most propitious moment for fire suppression?


The propitious moment of fire suppression is the moment when the fire is easy to extinguish. Once you missed the moment, its not easy to put out the fire again, it may lead to a big fire. Fire fighting has the following favorable opportunities:


(A) initial fire. The initial fire is weak, the area is small, as long as the fire fighting team arrived in time, then the fire is easy to be put out.

(B) Downhill fire. The spread of downhill fire is slow and the fire is weak, so its easy to be put out. Try to destroy the fire when its spreading down the hill.

(C) At night. Night, especially in the early morning, the temperature is low, the relative humidity is high, the wind is small, the fire is weak, spread slowly, the fire in the low-lying area will be automatically extinguished; The fire climbing up the mountain is slow, and sometimes will be automatically extinguished. The entire fire lines are prone to be broken, in this case, as long as the commands are right, and soon the fire can be extinguished. However, for putting out the night fire, first you must pay attention to the steep slope, to prevent falling of firefighters and other personnel, and the second you should carefully clean up the fire, so as to avoid the resurgence of fire when the temperature rises and the wind increases in next day.

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