2017 Security Market Scale In China

- Dec 12, 2017 -

2017 Security Market scale in China


According to the "China Security Industry Yearbook 2015" data, the total output value of China's security industry reached 490 billion yuan, the entire industry added value of about 160 billion yuan, an increase of 12.64% over the same period security value added growth worth up to 8.8%, significantly ahead 6.9% of gross domestic product (GDP) and 5.9% of industrial added value.

Security industry revenue comes mainly from security engineering and security products. In 2016, the output value of China's security engineering was about 310 billion yuan, the output value of security products was about 190 billion yuan, and the alarm operation service and other output value was about 41 billion yuan. Among them, the output value of video surveillance products occupies the highest proportion in the output value of all physical security products and is the most important physical foundation for building the entire security system. Therefore, it has also become one of the fields where security industry first developed. In 2016, the output value of China's video surveillance products reached about 96.2 billion yuan, accounting for more than half of all electronic security products.

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