A New Generation Of Information Technology For Security

- Dec 13, 2017 -

A new generation of information technology for Security

  In recent years, new technologies such as cloud computing, internet of things and big data have always been the focus of attention in the world, covering almost every industry. This shows that people's ability to manage things has been elevated to a new level.


  By extracting and analyzing the eigenvectors of people, vehicles and objects, the goal of the unaided search was previously available and can now be rapidly searched in the system. Thanks to technological innovation, but also relying on the application of a new generation of information technology, massive video storage, tens of billions of billions of data volumes, a wide range of eigenvalues, which makes safe city construction is not limited to civil defense and Material defense and site construction, but also contains many aspects of the people's production and life are closely related, such as RFID technology used in the management of electric vehicles, you can control traffic, but also help prevent theft; another example of traffic situation system construction, not only for Traffic management has provided help, but also provides a data reference for ordinary people go out, there are many examples of these.


This has brought new ideas to safe city development.Information construction is no longer just for management, but also improves people's quality of life and benefits ordinary people. This will surely further optimize the management mode. In particular, the enterprises involved in the big data industry will also participate in the project. They will provide more advanced technologies, more warm services and better operation modes to enhance their corporate values and enhance their social values.

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