Automatic Forest Fire Detection Camera Systems-ptz Camera System

- Jul 05, 2017 -


Its simple and effective principle meets the requirements of seasoned professionals in the fight against forest fires.

Well before a burning tree, grass and bushes surrounding emit smoke. From what is visible from the monitoring location that smoke detected by Automatic forest fire detection system gives the alert. This phase is called automatic fire detection and forest fires.  The operator then alerted, remote camera survey question and ensures that the nature of the detection. It locates on the basemap location of the fire and notify the operational center which implements control measures. 5 minutes have elapsed since the start of the fire. 

Automatic forest fire detection system then presents real-time evolution of the disaster. The officers of the operations center are no longer "blind". After demonstrating its effectiveness, Automatic forest fire detection system is ready to help on any terrain.  

Automatic forest fire detection system is more than a system for automatic detection of forest fires, but an integrated information management and monitoring of forest fires.   

Specifications of Automatic forest fire detection system:

Input voltage : DC24V ± 5%Auxiliary Relay gets underway output : 4 groups
Horizontal rotation angle : 0 ~ 360 ° continuous rotation

Self-locking function : The worm gear design, with self-locking


Vertical rotation angle : -60 ° ~ + 20 °Independent Video: 1 channel ( standard does not provide )
Horizontal rotation speed : 0.1 ° ~ 20 ° / SExternal dimensions (L×W×H): 195mm × 180mm × 320mm
Vertical speed of rotation : 0.1 ° ~ 10 ° / SWorking temperature : -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ ( under heating )
Surge Protection : GB / T 17626.5Protection grade: IP66
Baud Rate : 2400/4800/9600 / 19,200 bps are optionalPower : 32W ( excluding heating )
Telescope slow-scan function: SupportVertical return " 0" : Support
Guard Preset Position : SupportAutotrack cruise : Support
Weight of PTZ : 8.5KgMounting weight: 15Kg
Mounting mode: top mountedCamera control : PTZ configured with camera preset interfaces 
Fireworks recognition function : support inline ( standard: without)Information Return : support the angle and zoom information return

Communication : RS-485 / RS422 ( standard configuration doesn't 

provide )

Ethernet interfaces : Up to three Ethernet ports, 

standard 2 ( one for network cameras , one for user )

Intelligent analysis functions : Reserve interface, support for inline 

( standard:not )

Preset ( p ) : the A8 with a maximum 350 ; 

Pelco-D protocol ( without A8) 220 points

Anti-salt spray : PH value of between 6.5-7.2 , after 48 hours of 

continuous spraying , the machine is working properly , no significant 

changes in the surface

Communication protocol: HELP-D/Pelco-D/Helpsoft dedicated protocol 

are optional

Anti-salt spray : PH value of between 6.5-7.2 , after 48 hours of 

continuous spraying , the machine is working properly , no significant

changes in the surface

Material : cast aluminum structure , worm transmission power interface design ; special coating process
Structural feature: Separate structure for the cabin and pluggable design for the master control circuit board facilitate the maintenance conducted by the customer.

The Automatic forest fire detection ptz camera system is widely used in ont only forest fire area, but also in highway/railway monitoring, border&coastal surveillance and all the other areas that need high altitude monitoring.

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