Border And Coastal Defense For Safe City

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Border and Coastal Defense for Safe City


Border defense is an inalienable and integral part of national defense. It is a necessary form for the state to exercise its sovereignty and safeguard its security. It is also an important manifestation of its national defense policy, military strategy, foreign policy and army building. In border areas, border control is a very important issue in military security.


Traditional border control is mostly manned and monitored. For example, military personnel are stationed, lurked, monitored and patrolled. However, as the military field is moving towards digitization and multimediaization, the traditional frontier defense has been undergoing manual surveillance. Obviously some backward monitoring methods in the past have failed to meet the needs of troop control and military struggle.


With the expansion of China's foreign trade, the increase of immigration officers and the illegal activities of neighboring countries, the situation in the struggle remains grim. It has become an important task of the frontier defense forces to prevent smuggling of weapons by expatriates, illegal transactions, drug trafficking and the infiltration of criminals.


In order to rapidly promote the "leap-frog" development of our frontier defense and enhance the overall combat effectiveness of the frontier defense forces, under the new situation, facing the adverse factors that affect the stability of frontier defense both at home and abroad, our country should at present focus on doing well the frontier defense and frontier inspection Station TV monitoring system, satellite communications networks in remote areas such as intelligence reconnaissance, early warning detection, command and control information networks and information systems to improve border control with high-tech means border control edge capability, which is to maintain the country's stability and economy The great situation of construction is of great significance.

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