CCTV Camera Housing For Safe City

- Nov 24, 2017 -

CCTV Camera Housing for Safe City


   By the end of November, 2012, 18 000 projects had been approved for the construction of the key Smart Cities in China.The equipment is involved in monitoring and supervision application.Forest Fire Protection is the vital thing for building safe city , the machine is CCTV Camera Housing ,PTZ,access control box and so on. CCTV Camera Housing can be used in harsh environment.The surface of enclosure is painted with special coating, it has the characteristics of sunscreen, rain-proof, anti-freeze, anti-fog, anti-corrosion and so on, to achieve the industry's highest IP68 protection level. Unique pluggable rail structure design, making it easy to be installed, repaired and maintained.CCTV Camera Housing for Safe City.

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