Early Forest Wildfire Detection

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Early Forest Wildfire detection

These cameras are used by field fire agencies for early detection, detection and tracking of fires, as well as for faster, cheaper and more tactical response and suppression. Traditionally, firefighters sent airplanes to detect and monitor fires, which took time and resources. They can now use the camera in their coverage as if they were sitting on the top of a hill overlooking the flames.


Last fall, the fast-moving emerald flame near Lake Tahoe began at 1:16 am. Although no one was watching, the camera picked up the first fires 14 minutes before the first 911 call, highlighting the need for a vehicle detection capability.


"Cameras have to be monitored to be the most effective." We made the on-demand delay video a useful first step, but we're happy that the auto-detection software was able to capture the key Intel earlier, while at Emerald Fire You can also see a smaller fire outbreak in the video. In 1 minute and 45 seconds later, the crew can jump to the smaller one and extinguish it before it causes any damage, and the camera plays a key role Role.


There are dozens of successful examples of the system. During the fire season, the fire department monitors the system. They can manually rotate, tilt, pan and zoom the camera. While fire agencies can use the PTZ feature to move the camera, the public can see real-time views as well as 15, 60, 3 and 6-hour delay functions, a built-in web browser hour delay utility ( Right-click on the camera image). Earthquake Lab's YouTube channel, nvseismolab, has a video library captured on the web. "Public land managers see the value of seeing the fire quickly, as long as a cloud of smoke or near-infrared rays is found to" glare at night, "Kent said." We can even track the lighting and then aim the camera for a fire and we're blessed There are good partners, BLM, the U.S. Forest Service and local agencies supporting land, towers and funding.

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