Forest Fire Detecting System

- Aug 28, 2017 -

A forest fire detecting system comprises forest area monitoring points including a heavy-duty data cradle head 1, an infrared thermal imaging instrument 2, a visible light camera 3, a micro weather station 4, an embedded video processing device 5 and a communication network bridge 6, and a command control center including a remote monitoring computer 7 and a communication network bridge 8. The two communication network bridges are bidirectionally communicated through a microwave wireless TCP/IP network. A fire detecting work is smoothly carried out according to 1 site data acquisition, 2 image data treatment, 3 fire recognition analysis, 4 recognized result transmission, 5 fire probability assessment and 6 fire automatic early warning. The forest fire detecting system combines video compression with decompression technology, infrared image recognition analysis technology, visible color image recognition analysis technology, embedded technology, wireless communication technology, remote sensing technology, and three-dimensional geography information system technology, automatically recognizes forest fire and analyzes fire extinguishing strategies, has high probability of finding forest fire, low rate of false alarm and no need of personal participation, and has the advantages of high timeliness, high reliability, advanced technical strategies and wide market prospect.


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