Forest Fire In US

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Forest Fire in US

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The United States is experiencing the deadliest and devastating fire season in history, and scientists say catastrophic wildfires are on the rise. For some a century now, Western countries have made unwise decisions about forest management, which is partly blamed on the explosion in numbers, but the U.S. Forest Service said it is working to implement a measure to make up for past mistakes: controlling the forests Burning.


Dry forests in the western United States rely on conventional fire to clean up dead wood and regenerate in some places every three to seven years. Native Americans know this, there is evidence that they are open fire management landscape throughout the country. But a century ago, the U.S. Forest Service came in shortening this cycle.


In the early 1900s, the Forest Services launched an expensive (successful) campaign to extinguish the fire that lasted for decades and used Smokey the Bear as its mascot around 1944. But large-scale firefighting causes dead wood, brushes and fuel to accumulate over time, so they burn faster and more destructively in these days when the fire burns, and it becomes harder and harder fighting. Combating forests to remove fuel under controlled conditions is a simple, scientifically proven solution to this problem.


Forest authorities already know this for decades. However, the fear of the fire was profound and the agency has been slowly adding firepower, partly because of fears of a public rally. William Basye, a regional fuel specialist at the US Forest Service, told VICE News: "We were not until the mid-21st century to accept the idea of adding a prescribed combustion plan.



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