Forest Fire Prevention Wireless Monitoring

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Forest fire prevention wireless monitoring


1. The choice of monitoring points, first of all, the camera should be installed in the forest high ground, requiring wide field of vision, barrier-free, large monitoring surface, as few as possible monitoring points, and as far as possible to monitor the coverage of each monitoring point forest area, such as unavoidable Dead ends can increase the monitoring point.

2. The monitoring point to work around the clock, which requires the choice of camera should choose infrared-sensitive color to black and white camera; the lens should be day and night-type lens, and 3KM outside to see characters activities; PTZ camera requires the use of screw-driven outdoor Integrated PTZ camera, in order to reduce the jitter of long-distance images, the installation of the camera must also ensure a solid and stable.

3. Due to its own characteristics of forest fire monitoring, transmission methods can not be wired or optical cable. Therefore, the wireless microwave transmission mode should be considered first, and the wireless microwave transmission mode has the advantages of convenient construction, low cost, real-time transmission of images, clear and selectable L-band, S-band and Ku-band transmission frequencies and can be selected according to the transmission distance, Different, the size of its power can be formulated according to requirements, in the event of obstruction obstacles, the microwave relay (image / data) system. In the choice of wireless microwave products, we should first select a professional microwave manufacturer, because the front-end equipment monitoring is in the mountains, maintenance is extremely inconvenient, as an important front-end equipment, long-term work in the humid high temperature environment, its own stability and reliability Sex is especially important.


4. Solar power system is the focus of forest fire monitoring system, its performance will directly determine the success of forest fire monitoring front-end system. First of all, to choose a professional solar power company's products, and secondly, solar power system to ensure that at least the rainy day, to the front of each monitoring point to provide 24 hours of electricity for all devices. The solar power supply system consists of a solar battery array composed of solar battery modules, a solar charge control device, an inverter, and a battery pack. Solar cell array in the sunny day to solar energy into electrical energy, while the power supply to the load, but also to the battery charge; in the absence of light, the battery to the load power supply.

5. Forest fire control system is the weakness of the front-end lightning protection and grounding, front-end equipment, lightning and grounding directly affect the safety and reliability of the entire project, ignoring the lightning and grounding will give users a huge loss, lightning protection principle is all Equipment must be installed within the protection of the lightning rod within the grounding resistance of not more than 10 ohms, such as construction companies do not have the lightning and grounding capabilities, it is recommended to work with local professional lightning and grounding companies, lightning and grounding their own characteristics are environmental decisions and the impact Lightning and grounding the actual effect, so from the specific circumstances of the project location and design lightning and grounding is negotiable, not feasible.

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