Forest Fire Situation Is Grim For Chengde City

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Forest fire situation is grim for Chengde City


Chengde City, forest fire warning signal once again rose to "orange" above, the situation of forest fire prevention is grim. Chengde City start from the source control, set up 258 villages and towns, forest professional firefighting team to build a 30-minute Chengde City forest grassland fire rescue circle.


It is understood that since the beginning of winter last year, due to arid snow, Chengde City, fire early warning signals continue in the "orange" level. January 22 this year, snow to Chengde forest fire warning signal has been reduced. However, a few days later, with the melting of snow, the warning signal quickly rose to "orange".


In response to the recent gust of winds and the high level of forest fire insurance, the inspection team of Chengde City Fire Prevention Office organizes supervision and inspection of 12 counties (cities and districts) and special subjects for supervision and inspection. Implementation of 24-hour double duty, leadership band, team preparation and fire reporting system. Further strengthen the city and county 15, 1549 professional fire brigade construction. At present, the city investigated and dealt with a total of 147 illegal fires in the open field, detained 43 people in public security and fined 98,000 yuan. Fengning and Luanping counties in the Central Beijing area of new video surveillance 14.




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